Osaka University, Graduate School of Human Sciences

International Workshop (Human Science Project)

Entangled Paths to Modernity

India, Korea, and Japan in Comparison


28 February – 1 March 2008

Osaka University, Graduate School of Human Sciences, East Building

1-2 Yamadaoka, Suita-Shi, 565-0871 Osaka


 Attendance is free but please register until 27 February with


28 February (Thursday)

Room 303


16:00                 Wolfgang SCHWENTKER (Osaka)

Welcome and Opening Remarks

16:15                 Carol GLUCK (New York)

Times Modern: Histories and Theories


18:00                 Cocktail Reception (Room304)



29 February (Friday)



10:00                 MISHIMA Ken’ichi (Tokyo)


10:30                 Harald FISCHER-TINÉ (Bremen)

The Place of Japan in India's Quest for an Asian Modernity (c.1890-1940)

11:30                 CHON Song-U (Seoul)

Max Weber as a Cultural Evolutionist: A Plea for a Minimal Universalism

Chair: Mishima Ken’ichi


12:30                 Lunch at Restaurant Minerva (on campus)


14:00                 Wolfgang SEIFERT (Heidelberg)

How to Deal with Hierarchy Among Nations and Peoples? ‘Lagging Behind’ and ‘Civilization’ in the Japanese Experience


15:00                 KIM Seung-Kuk (Pusan)

A Hybrid Modernization in Korea: Towards a Post Modern Neo-Modernity

Chair: Irmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit


16:00                 Coffee Break


16:30                 ISAKA Riho (Tokyo)

Living with Different Languages: Indian Intellectuals in the Colonial Period

17:30                 Shalini RANDERIA (Zurich)

Entangled Modernities in India

Chair: Harald Fischer-Tiné



1 March (Saturday)



14:00                 Evelyn SCHULZ (Munich)

Entangled Spaces of Modernity – Nagai Kafû’s Strategy of Rewriting Tokyo and the Rediscovery of Dark Spaces Behind Bright Avenues

15:00                 YOON Il-Seong (Pusan)

Class and Housing in South Korea

Chair: Kimae Toshiaki


16:00                 Coffee Break


16:30                 Irmela HIJIYA-KIRSCHNEREIT (Berlin)

Translating Mount Fuji and Other Issues of Cultural Translation - On Theoretical Concepts in Transcultural Studies on Japan

Chair: Carol Gluck


17:30                 General Discussion

Chair: Mishima Ken'ichi






Organized by Kimae Toshiaki, Wolfgang Schwentker and Mishima Ken’ichi