International Workshop

Intellectuals and the Democratic Movements of 1989-91

Supported by Global COE Program

“Conflict Studies in the Humanities”

Osaka University, Department of Human Sciences,

10~12 March 2011




10 March 2011, Thursday

Place: Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University, Suita Campus, Eastern Building, R. 205


14.45            Welcome and Introduction (Wolfgang Schwentker, Osaka)


I. Democratic Movements in Eastern and South Eastern Europe

(Chair: Philip Boobbyer, Canterbury)


15.00            Harald Wydra (Cambridge): Dissidence: The Existential and the Political


15.45            Coffee Break


16.15            Agnese Horvath (Milan): The Fascination with the Underground: Silence and Obscurity in the Eastern European Revolutions


17.00            Tatjana Petzer (Berlin/Zürich), Reinventing the Nation in the Course of Democratization: Yugoslavia’s Intelligentsia at a Crossroads



11 March 2011, Friday

Place: Graduate School of Human Sciences, Eastern Building, R. 205


II. The Tiananmen Uprising: China and Beyond

(Chair: Jin-Wook Shin, Seoul)


9.45                 Eddy U (Davis, Cal.) , Communist Reification of the Intellectual: A Study of Revolutionary China


10.30            Coffee Break


10.45            Wolfgang Schwentker (Osaka), Japanese Intellectuals and the ‘Tiananmen Incident’ 1989


11.45            Ken’ichi Mishima (Tokyo), Japanese Intellectuals and 1989: From Beijing to Berlin


12.45                                            Lunch



III. Germany: From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to Reunification

(Chair: Harald Wydra, Cambridge)


14.15            Hiroyuki Kimura (Ôsaka), ‘The Engineer of the Soul’? Christa Wolf and the German Democratic Republic


15.00            Gangolf Hübinger (Frankfurt/O. and Munich), Ralf Dahrendorf and Jürgen Habermas: West German Intellectuals and the “Revolution” of 1989


15.45            Coffee Break



IV. Views from Outside: France and Korea

(Chair: Agnes Horvath, Milan)


16.15            Kazuya Onaka (Tokyo): A Typology of French Intellectuals and its Sustainability


17.00            Jin-Wook Shin (Seoul), Contentious Interpretations of German Re-Unification in Korean Context



12 March 2011, Saturday

Place: Ibaraki Shimin Kaikan (Ibaraki City Hall)

Adress: Osaka Pref. Ibaraki City, Eki Mae 4-7-50


Section V. The Collapse of the Soviet Union/ American Intellectuals and the End of the Cold War

(Chair: Eddy U, Davis)


9.30                 Philip Boobbyer (Canterbury), Russian Intellectuals and the Collapse of Soviet Communism


10.15            Masahiro Noguchi (Kyôto), American Intellectuals and the ‘Poverty’ of Comparison: From “The Closing of American Mind” to Neo-Conservatism


11.00            Coffee Break


11.30            Concluding Discussion

(Chair: Wolfgang Schwentker, Osaka)


12.30            Lunch


14.00            End of Conference